SS Policies, Procedures, & Expectations


Students will receive a letter grade for successful completion of classes on Edgenuity.  The grade(s) will figure into a student’s GPA and count toward class ranking.  This platform will be used for Acceleration courses to get ahead, Repeating a class for a better grade, or Credit Deficiency courses.   
Students will receive a Pass/Fail for successful completion of classes on Schools PLP.  These will be classes taken for Credit Recovery (if you have previously taken a course and failed it).  The grade(s) will not be figured into a student’s GPA.   

Final grades will be provided by teachers/course facilitators upon successful completion of the course(s).  All courses must be completed by 12 pm (noon) on June 29th, except for BUHS with a 1 pm deadline on June 29th.

Any course(s) a student earns credit for will be posted to the student’s official transcript with the letter grade or (P) for pass.

Grades will be e-mailed home at the conclusion of Summer School.

Course Completions:

 If you complete your class(es) early, contact Ms. Fox, ([email protected]) the Summer School Director, for notification.  If you would like to start another course, contact Mrs. Lees ([email protected]).


  Cheating or plagiarism of any kind is prohibited, and any student found cheating/ plagiarizing will be subject to disciplinary action and will receive a zero on the assignment/project/assessment. Student work is submitted to to verify originality.  District Governing Board Policy will be followed for the violation of this infraction.

Program Specifications:

Summer School courses are taught at a more accelerated pace than the regular school year.  With IEPs and 504 plans, universal accommodations may apply during Summer School; however, not all accommodations and modifications on specific student plans may be applicable.

Laptop Procedures:

Students need to follow campus instructions on turning in their laptop if taking a Summer School course.  Students need to return their laptops to their home campus when they complete their course so that they can be reimaged and updated prior to classes starting in August.

Attendance Procedures:

  Students who choose to take their course in person are required to attend class on their campus every day of Summer School until they complete their class(es) or until the final day of the session (June 29th).  If a student is late to school or leaves early, it will be recorded as a half (0.5) day absence.  Students will be withdrawn from their in-person Summer School class(es) if they miss 3 days of school.  Students will be able to continue working on their class(es) from home for the remainder of Summer School.  Students who choose to take their course online need to login and complete work at least 4 days per week.  If a student has not logged in within a 7 day period, the student will be withdrawn from summer school.

Health Information: 

Parents/Guardians, please be sure your student’s School Care information is current online. If you have not completed the registration process, please do so before enrolling for Summer School.