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Buckeye Union High School District (Buckeye, AZ):

Awarded for their district-wide Get Connected initiative aimed at transforming teaching and learning. Get Connected is about “connecting” stakeholders to create a dynamic learning experience for today’s 21st-century learner. In the second year of the initiative, teachers can more effectively facilitate instruction and personalize learning in real time, manage curriculum and assessments, gather and evaluate valid and reliable data, collaborate with their peers both locally and across the nation, deepen and enhance the learning process, and engage Buckeye’s digitally connected students.

It is Instructional Technology's mission to contribute to the educational process of Buckeye Union High School District students by providing technology services, training, support, computing and communication infrastructure, and innovation for a wide range of instructional and administrative programs.

Buckeye Union High School District is committed to ensuring all learners are ready for the future by providing an exemplary digitally-immersive high school experience. The concept of the digital divide is a gap between those who have access to digital technologies and those who do not. At BUHSD this digital divide has been bridged with adoption of a bond funded, 100%  1:1 program. This ensure all students have equal access to a computer. This exceptional program allows students to have a device 24x7 during the school year so they may do homework and perform research both onsite or from home.  

Since its inception, the 1:1 program has provided all students with a computer. With extensive community support this program also allows graduating students to take ownership and keep the device as they move onto college or other career choices.

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